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Untitled Universe (fake) : My Shell.

In my own world, I talk to myself and the people I created and lived in it. I understand and obey the power of fictitious. I am always lost in the overlapping part of reality and fiction and may switch from one field to another at any time. It's like half in dream, half-awake, from truth to forgery, from false to reality. The landscapes and stories I created are part of me.


Over time, my internal world evolved from fragmented independent characters to a massive incomprehensible universe. This virtual world is influencing my behaviour, cracking down and restricting my identity towards the real world.

Let's return to the forest
To the place the purest
With you ghost mighty


I wish to return to the forest
To the place for rest
With my shell empty


Now guide me
Of where I should be

"Untitled Universe(fake)" is a project with two parts - "Your Ghost," and "My Shell.". This is a project visualizing the indistinct world that only exists in my mind, and to question what makes me 'me'. If it is consciousness that allows me to be me, then the flesh is not a necessity; then when your and my consciousness overlap, am I still 'me'?




This is a world that can be freely explored by manipulating my shell and use this method to express my plight trapped in the neutral world - limbo. In this non-physical virtual world, the virtual human has nothing to do with the matter, and your ghost will be loaded in my shell.

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